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Miss V.A. - Virtual Solutions | Virtual Assistant | Brisbane Australia | Admin Tasks

Need   It   Yesterday

Specializing In Urgent And Last Minute Requests

Miss V.A. can manage most of your tasks, personal or business

Have an urgent job or
want answers quickly?
Pick up the phone and call us

Joyce Eacott Miss VA - Virtual Solutions
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reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant

Save on costs

It costs an average of $10,000 per year to house an Australian employee in an office.  I works for your business from my QLD office.

After Hours Work 

Have me on hand after hours to do the tasks that will be needed for the following day.

The extra mile

I view what I do as more than just a job and going that extra mile is all part of the package.


Finding a solution to every problem by being creative and never giving up.


An integral point of importance to a virtual assistant in meeting deadlines is the ability to have mastered time management. If a deadline is un-achievable then I will tell you or at least advise you with enough time to make alternate arrangements.

Australian Managed

To truly understand the needs of your Australian small business it takes an Australian business owner.

Free up your time and accomplish more with Miss V.A. - virtual Solutions

It’s time to let go of non-mission-critical processes holding you back from being the engine of growth for your business that you need to be.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Calendar management
Travel management
Booking Offsite Meeting Rooms
Client and partner management

Send flowers, thank you notes

Virtual Admin Assistant

Call forwarding
Spreadsheet design and creation
Document design and creation

Virtual Family Assistant 

Arrange for tradies
Book personal appointments
Send invitations and thanks you notes
Relocation services

Email Management 

Folder Creation
Clean out of junk in-box
Reply to E-mails

Online Research

Online market research
Being informed about your industry
Keeping an eye on the competition

Travel Research

Online research - holidays, accommodation
Online product research - shopping,
Arrange home care while you’re away


Typing up the contents of audio files, such as, interviews, meetings, research conversations

Data Management 

Cleaning Marketing Lists
Spreadsheet Data Entry
Contacts Data Entry
Product Data Entry

It's 9pm...
But you're not at home, reading to your child/ren their bedtime story, because you're still in the office.
Let's change that...
let me be your go to girl

Delegate the Daily Distractions

No more getting sidetracked into non-productive tasks
Claim back your valuable time
Feel like the CEO of your business again
Get more done 

By learning to delegate tasks, they are growing their businesses and improving their lifestyle

No matter The business, a Virtual Assistant can help!

A part time Virtual Assistant is a great and cost effective option for any business.

It is also a great choice for when a specific task needs to be completed and the business would like someone dedicated to work on it for a few hours every day.

Virtual Personal Assistant Package


  • Valid for 1 Month

Virtual Admin Assistant Package


  • Valid for 1 Month 

Virtual Family Assistant Package


  • Valid For 1 month.

Email Management Package


  • Valid for 1 Month

Online Research Package


  •  Any Research no matter the subject. Excludes Travel Research (See Travel Research Package)
  • Valid for 1 Month

Travel Research Package


  • Valid for 1 Month

Transcription Package


  • Valid for 1 Month

Data Management Package


  • Valid for 1 Month 

Retainer Package


  • I will be a full time (your standard work day) member of your team doing all of my services that you require at $35.00 an hour.
  • Whichever services you need